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    And yet another question/comment: would love to see more in library on comorbidity re: personality disorders… it seems like many if not most of the coh i encounter with the most intractable parents are dealing with these issues.

    • Personality Disorders affect a very small percentage of individuals with hoarding disorder, resulting in there not being a lot of information about PD and hoarding. That being said, this is a valid point and I will look to see if there is helpful information on PDs that we can include in the content. PS, thank you for the thorough review!

      • This is something that comes up a lot on the yahoo support group… it is the impression of most/many that the data cannot capture the hoarders who intractably deny the problem and refuse treatment and that there is a big gap in the research reflecting our experience with our parents… we often suspect that that there may be a very small percentage of *visible* hoarders seeking treatment with personality disorders… but that’s not the full picture… however testing this hypothesis is virtually impossible…But many express the view that part of the reason experts in hoarding disorder show a lack of empathy for COH is that they simply are not seeing the difficulties we are facing, the emotional and sometimes physical abuse we grew up with, the intense manipulation and deligitmation, gaslighting, wild and intrusive controlling behaviors, etc etc etc… There is a pretty big disconnect between most COH I encounter and the research… I think a lot of coh also feel that efforts to destigmatize hoarding have gone a long way to whitewash the abuse many of us have suffered. Im not saying the research is biased (some do) but mothers like mine simply are not available for study…

      • Even if it isn’t directly relating to comorbidity, vetted material on pds would be useful…