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The Clutter Movement blogs address all aspects of excessive clutter, hoarding behavior, and hoarding disorder from the perspective of individuals, family members, and professionals. We hope that everyone affected by this issue will gain insight from the alternate perspectives and ideas presented here.

Hoarding Disorder: What’s in a name?

Family Members, Individual, Professionals|

Many people struggle with what word to use when referring to excessive clutter and the people affected by it. The term hoarding or hoarder often brings to mind the worst of the worst crisis cases as seen on reality tv or the news. This being […]

Hoarding Notes for Professionals and Agencies


Lately, I’ve been doing training and consultations for a multitude of agencies that come across hoarding and wanted to share some basic information on Hoarding Disorder. While awareness of Hoarding Disorder continues to increase, trained and experienced mental health and crisis case management specialists, such […]

Hoarding Disorder: What About the Family

Family Members|

If you have a family member that is struggling with excessive clutter or hoarding disorder there’s no doubt you’ve been affected too. In addition to experiencing frustration, shame, and embarrassment, you are likely to have struggled with depression and anxiety that has been triggered by […]

Hoarding Disorder: Is there really such a thing?

Family Members, Individual, Professionals|

For those on the outside looking in, it is difficult to understand the true complexities of hoarding disorder.  Words like lazy, unconcerned, and selfish are often used to describe the person living in hoarded conditions. Many people have asked me if there is really such […]