Frequently Asked Questions

  • Convenience: You can log in to The Clutter Movement from anywhere and at any time! From the comfort and privacy of your own home, office, library, community center, or anywhere you happen to be, saving you time and money. Additionally, your support is not limited to traditional office hours, you can access content and support at any time that is convenient for you.

  • Increased Access to Support: Most people are limited to the resources and supports in their local area which, for issues of clutter and hoarding, are few and far between. By joining The Clutter Movement, it doesn’t matter where you live! As a member you will have access to a trained and experienced professional and are no longer limited to what is available locally.

  • Privacy and Confidentiality: Sometimes it’s easier to be open and seek support when you are not sitting face-to-face with others. It’s also easier to seek support when you don’t feel as if you are being ‘watched’ as you come and go. As a member of The Clutter Movement, you are assured privacy and confidentiality. You are free to participate at whatever level you are comfortable.

  • More Affordable and Saves Money:

    • For individuals and families, effective support and treatment for issues of clutter, hoarding behavior, and hoarding disorder are not covered by most insurance or medical subsidies and private pay options are often cost prohibitive. As a member of The Clutter Movement you will have 24/7 access to support and resources provided by an experienced mental health professional for a nominal monthly fee.

    • For professionals and agencies, hiring a dedicated staff member requires funding that, more often than not, comes through grants. These grants, while extremely helpful, still limit hoarding work due to the amount of the award and the ability to sustain the work beyond the grant.  While everyone comes across hoarding cases, some agencies may not see enough cases to justify funding a dedicated staff member. For those agencies that have dedicated staff, often, due to funding issues, they are limited in their time, knowledge, and training. As a member of The Clutter Movement, you will have continuous access to guidance, support, consultations, and training tools provided by Marnie Matthews, MSW, LICSW, a trained and experienced specialist in all aspects of hoarding, for a nominal monthly fee.

No, if you can get online, you will be able to access all of the benefits of being a member of The Clutter Movement.

Individual and family members of The Clutter Movement will be focusing on their present situation and learning helpful skills and strategies to implement in order to reach their future goals. This work is done through solution-focused coaching that works towards positive outcomes while encouraging self-discovery and accountability.

As a member of The Clutter Movement, you will have access to support, guidance, consultation, tools, and training provided by Marnie Matthews, MSW, LICSW, a trained and experienced professional in all aspects of issues with clutter, hoarding behavior, and hoarding disorder. The nominal monthly fee helps cover the costs of running and maintaining The Clutter Movement website in addition to the time and energy dedicated to providing access to much needed support, training, education, and consultations that so many individuals, family members, professionals, and agencies have limited or no access to.

Every day more and more options for online mental health support, coaching, and consultation come available.

For individuals and family members, online access to coaching, counseling, and therapy ranges from $32 per week to be able to text your therapist to $99 per week to have live video sessions. Costs for individual therapy and coaching range from $125 per session to over $300 per session. Other membership sites offer limited content with no professional support starting at over $45 per month and going up to $99 per month for minimal access to professional support. While there are options for free support groups, these groups are not monitored or facilitated by trained and experienced mental health professionals.

For professionals and agencies, the only option online is pay by the hour consultation starting at $100 per hour. (This does not include training or access to case management tools. The only other possible online comparison is case management software that does not offer guidance, case management support, consultation, or training and can cost from $30 to $60 per month, per user.) As you well know, hoarding cases take much longer than one hour to resolve and if you are not an expert in hoarding disorder or this is not your role in your agency, one hour will not come close to answering all of your questions and supporting you through an effective and efficient resolution.

For individual and family members, unlike traditional support groups that have specific start and end dates, The Clutter Movement is dedicated to staying with you to help you implement the new skills and strategies that you are learning and integrate them into your life so that you are better able to meet and sustain your goals. We also recognize that change happens at a different pace for everyone and that support is equally important when you are working to maintain your goals as it is during the process of making changes.

For professionals and agency staff, having ongoing support and continuous access to training is important. Cases that involve hoarding take months to resolve and every hoarding case brings with it a different set of challenges. The Clutter Movement is dedicated to staying with you to help identify, assess, and address hoarding cases from start to finish. Additionally, The Clutter Movement is dedicated to keeping you and/or your staff up-to-date with case management tools, education, and training.